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Charles D. Reynolds

Will Book “D”, p. 528


          Know all men by these Consents, That I, Charles D. Reynolds of Kingston Borough Luzerne County Pennsylvania, being Sick in Body, but with a Sound Collective and Disposing Mind Memory and Understanding aware of my condition of health and of the uncertainty of life do make ordain publish and declare, the following as my last will and testament hereby revoking any and all heretofore by me made.

          First it is my will that all my just debts and the expenses connected to my last sickness and burial be fully paid and satisfied.

          Second.  I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Burtis Reynolds the entire use and control of House and Lot Known as House Number Ten situated in Kingston Borough on Main Road between lands of Estate of Elias Hoyt dec. and Lyman Little.  Also of vacant Lot Situated in Plymouth Township And being all the land I won between the Road leading to Plymouth And the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail Road tract.  Containing about Two and one half acres of land.  She the said Mary B. Reynolds to pay the Taxes on said Lots and Keep them in repair.  And at the death of the said Mary B. Reynolds, it is my will that the said two Lots be divided as to value equally between my Brothers and Sister and their heirs.

          Third.  I also give and bequeath to my wife the said Mary B. Reynolds the sum of Fifteen hundred dollars yearly to be paid to her Annually by my executor from the date of my death until the date of her marriage or Death.  And in case of her remarriage I give and bequeath to her another sum of One thousand dollars yearly to be paid to her Annually from the date of such remarriage until her death.  And it is especially my will that the foregoing bequests to my wife, the said Mary B. Reynolds made are and shall be in lieu of all her rights of Dower or interest under the laws of this State in any of my Estate Real Personal or Mixed.

          Fourth.  I give and devise unto my Brother Benjamin Reynolds and his heirs the Store and land adjoining it belonging to me.  Situated in Kingston Borough Known as the old Reynolds Store lying between lands of A.H. Reynolds and Patrick Mc.Pike.

          Fifth  I give and bequeath unto Charles H. Reynolds son of A.H. Reynolds and heirs one Share of Stock of Wyoming Bridge Company.

          Sixth.  I give devise And bequeath to my Brother George M. Reynolds and his heirs all land owned by me And containing in a declaration of Trust from A. J. Pringle of Kingston Known as the North Mountain Land.

          Seventh.  I give and bequeath unto John B. Reynolds son of Elijah Reynolds the sum of One thousand dollars upon Condition that he enterscollege And remains there three years.  The said sum of One thousand dollars to be paid to him by my Executor at the beginning of third year in college.  Also if necessary it is my will that the said John B. Reynolds be able to borrow money during his first and second year in college upon this bequest as collateral Security.

          Eight.  I give devise and bequeath unto my Brothers George M. Reynolds and E. Sheldon Reynolds and their heirs all the land owned by me; and Situated in Plymouth township on the East side of The Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail Road track, known as the Williams Lot.  Upon the express condition that they shall not sell the same during the life of both or either of them.

          Ninth.  I give and bequeath unto the Home of the Friendless and their successors of Wilkes-Barre Pa. The sum of Fifty Dollars yearly to be paid annually by my Executor for and during Ten years from the date of my death.

          Tenth.  I give my Rail Road Stock of the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg RailRoad to my brother George M. Reynolds and his heirs.

          Eleventh.  Subject to the foregoing devises and bequests it is my will that my share and interest in my father’s Estate the late Wm. C. Reynolds of which I became possessed of be equally divided between my Brothers and Sister, and their heirs and that they be authorized to proceed to settle, divide or arrange the same however and whenever they please.  Also it is my will that all the rest of my Estate Real Personal and Mixed no heretofore bequeathed or divised after deducting the expenses of settling my Estate be Equally divided between my Brothers and Sisters and their heirs.

          I hereby Constitute and appoint my Uncle Abram H. Reynolds Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

          Signed, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this third day of April A.D. 1869.

Charles D. Reynolds

Signed sealed published and declared before us:

H. P. Payne

A.     H. Reynolds

William F. Church


Now April sixth A.D. 1869 I, Charles D. Reynolds, being of sound mind Do make the following Codicil to my Foregoing will.

     I hereby appoint and constitute Hubbard B. Payne co-executor with Abram H. Reynolds of my foregoing will, each of my said Executors to have the power to carry into execution of my said will.

     Witness my hand and seal the day above written.

Chas. D. Reynolds

Signed Sealed Published and declared in presence of
William F. Church

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