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Daniel Harding



          This Instrument of writing is the Last Will and Testament of Daniel Harding of the township of Exeter, Luzerne County Pennsylvania.


Firstly.  I direct all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid  as soon as convenient after my decease.


Item.  I will bequeath and devise unto my faithful wife Abigail Harding, her heirs and assigns all that part of my farm situate in Exeter township. Luzerne county, Pennsylvania.  Bounded Northerly by the Luzerne and Wyoming County line.  Easterly by the Susquehanna River and Southerly by Clinton DeWitt upon and subject to this condition however, that my said wife, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns shall and do will, faithfully and comfortably take care of, cloath, support and maintain my invalid and unfortunate daughter Nancy Harding for and during  her natural life:  And I further in and by this devise make the real estate chargable aforesaid chargable with the said case, clothing support and maintenance afore my said daughter, Nancy during her natural life and for that purpose I hereby charge the said real estate with the Same.

          And I further Will and bequeath to my said wife Abigail my household furniture, and also all my horses, cows, cattle, wagons and farming utensils and generally all the movable property in and upon my said farm in Exeter township Luzerne County.  Saving and excepting as follows, I will and bequeath to my daughter Mary Shaw one cow – also to my daughter Belle Blue one other cow:

          In selecting the two cows by my said daughters, my said wife shall have the privilege and right to first choose and retain two of her choice.


Item.  My son James now residing in California and who left me some years ago, I have advanced money to for which I hold his note.  Now I hereby will and direct that he be not called upon for payment of said  note but that the same be cancelled, given up to him and considered paid.


Item.  I will and devise my Grist mill property situate in Exeter, Wyoming County, Penna. Containing about seven acres of land with the appurtenances as follows:  One fourth part undivided to my son James his heirs and assigns:  One fourth part to my daughter Mary Shaw wife of Theodore Shaw, during her natural life and upon her death, in remainder to her children their heirs and assigns.  It being my will and intention that the share devised to my said daughter Mary shall be for the use and support of herself and children and not be subject to the control of her said husband.  One fourth part to my daughter Belle Blue, wife of Henry Blue her heirs and assigns.  And the remaining one fourth part to my son Giles Harding his heirs and assigns.


Item.  I further will and devise to my said daughter Mary Shaw, a certain piece and parcel of land in Exeter township, Luzerne County containing about twenty nine acres, upon which she and her husband now live, for an during her natural life, and upon her death in remainder to her children their heirs and assigns.  It being my will and intention that my said daughter shall have the full use of said piece of land – and the house no to be under the control of her said husband.


Item.  I will and devise to my said daughter Bell Blue a certain House and lot in West Pittston, Luzerne County, being all the real estate I own in West Pittston.  This is in addition to the above devise.


Item.  I will and devise also to my son Giles Harding, his heirs an assigns, all the remainder of my farm being in Exeter, Wyoming County, bounded Southerly by the Luzerne and Wyoming County line, being that part of my farm on which I live.  Situate northerly of the County line, not devised above to my said wife.


Item.  I will and bequeath my fifty shares of Stock in the Pittston Ferry Bridge Company as follows:  To my wife Abigail, Twenty Five Shares:  To my daughter Bell Blue, ten share; To my son James Five Shares; To my daughter Mary Shaw, for her sole and Separate use Five Shares; To my son Giles Five Shares.

          All the rest and residue of my estate I will and devise the same unto my heirs to be divided Share and Share alike.  It is my express will and intention that the above several bequests and devises to my said wife Abigail is in lieu of dower and any claim of dower in my estate is to operate as annulling said devise and bequests to her.

          And I herby nominate and appoint Giles Harding, my son, and Peter Sutton to be the executors of this my will.

          In witness whereof I Daniel Harding the testator have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the tenth day of April A. D. 1880.


Daniel Harding


The above signed, sealed, published and declared by the above testator Daniel Harding as and for his last will and testament and who signed the same in our presence and declared the same to be such in our presence, who have signed as witnesses in the presence of each other.

George Miller

C. G. DeWitt


Date of Death.  Saturday 17th April A.D. 1880 at 7 o’clock A.M.





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