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I Jacob Gould of Salem Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, make my last Will and Testament, as follows, I direct that all my just debts and

funeral expenses be fully paid as soon after my decease as possible.

I give and bequeath to my housekeeper Mrs. Ellen (Frick) Frace, one brown mare called "blondie" the said brown mare not to be sold or disposed of

by the said Ellen Frace, one cow, the said Ellen Frace to have the choice from my herd, my direction is, that Mrs. Ellen Frace is to take from the household goods in my residence such things as she brought into the house when she came to live with me, and such things as are now worn out are to be replaced to her out of goods belonging to me. The sewing machine, organ and bedroom suite brought by Ellen Frace are not to be in anyway considered my property. It is further understood that the farm I deeded to said Ellen Frace, said farm adjoining lands of Charles Lock and on the South, and George Starter on the East is in full consideration of such services as she rendered to me during my life.

I give devise and bequeath to Minerva Case wife of William Case for her

use during her natural life and at her death there in fee simple to her children, the parcel of land adjoining the land which I sometime ago deeded to her the parcel hereby devised, being described, as follows, Commencing at the land deeded to said Minerva Case, thence along the public road to the river road, thence along the said river road to the creek, thence along up the creek to the land now owned by Minerva Case, I direct and devise, that said William Case shall have the use of the dark bay mare called "Kate", not however giving him the right to sell or dispose of said mare, and also the use of two cows, as he has had for several years, I give, devise and bequeath to Stephen Gould of Salem Township, to hold in trust for the use and enjoyment, the farm now occupied by Adna Atherton, the use and enjoyment to be for Adna Atherton during his life, and at his death the fee simple is to vest in the children of said Adna Atherton.

I direct that whatever share of my estate may be coming to my niece, Lucy

Wallace, the wife of Eli Wallace, shall be held in trust for her use and enjoyment by Jacob F. Gould of Falls Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, the income from said share to be paid to Lucy Wallace and at her death, the principal to be paid to her children.

It is my desire and direction that such share of my estate as may belong to the children of my deceased brother John Gould shall be divided into two parts, Stephen Gould to have one part, and the other part between Emma Jane Bryfogle, and the children of Hannah Case, now deceased.

I give, devise and bequeath the rest and residue of my estate, real, personal and mixed in equal shares, one sixth to the heirs of my sister Charity

Pringle, now deceased, to Elizabeth Brown, wife of Myron Brown, Jane Headley,

wife of Dorrance Headley, now deceased, children of my sister Ann Atherton, the one sixth of my estate, after first deducting there from four thousand dollars the value of the farm left in trust to Adna Atherton. The one-sixth to my sister Elizabeth Rickard of Plymouth, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the one sixth to the heirs of my deceased brother John Gould, to be divided among them as above set forth. To the heirs of my deceased brother Thomas Gould, the one-sixth, and to the heirs of my deceased brother Samuel Gould, the one-sixth, in the manner above stated.

It will be noticed that I have not mentioned Esther Brown the wife of Aaron

Brown both of whom are now deceased, this is done because Aaron Brown died

leaving a large amount of property.

I hereby authorize and empower my Executor herein after named to sell deed and convey any and all of my real estate. The said Executor to have full

and explicit power to sell either at public or private sale such real estate as I may died seized and processed of, but in making said sale or sales I direct that all coal and other minerals underlying the surface of said real estate shall be reserved and remain vested in all my heirs.

It is my wish and direction that my friend Joseph Walton shall have five

years in which to pay the mortgage owing me. He however to pay the interest

each year and so much as may be possible.

I hereby nominate and appoint as my Sole Executor, Isaac P. Hand of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 10th day of August AD 1893.

Signed, Sealed and declared in Presence of, Ettie Atherton and Isaac Hand.


For proofs see Testimony filed 3 May 1895, Also agreement filed 13 April

1897. Recorded in Misc. Docket 16 Page 190.


Date of Death - March 20, 1895


Notes: Jacob Gould was the son of Hannah Davenport and Jacob Gould, Sr.


Grandson of Thomas Davenport and Charity Lamoreaux.

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