1794 through 1887
YearLuzerne County Commissioners
1794Jesse Fell Alexander Jameson
1795-1796John Phillips John Jenkins Thomas Wright
1800-1801Lawrence Myers E. Blackman Thomas Wright
1803E. Blackman Arnold Colt Oliver Pettebone
1805Oliver Pettebone Benjamin Dorrance E. Hyde Eleazer Blackman
1806Eleazer Blackman Benjamin Dorrance Elisha Harding
1807Benjamin Dorrance Elisha Harding H. Tiffany
1808Elisha Harding H. Tiffany James Wheeler
1809H. Tiffany James Wheeler Benj. Perry
Peleg Tracy was clerk of the board from 1804 to 1809.
1810Benj. Perry Thos. Welles Noah Wadhams Samuel Bowman
1811Benj. Perry Noah Wadhams Thomas Park
1812Benj. Perry Noah Wadhams Abiel Fellows
1813Cornelius Cortright Nathaniel Hurlburt Abiel Fellows
1814Nathaniel Hurlburt Cornelius Cortright Benjamin Carey
1815Cornelius Cortright Benj. Carey James Reeder
1816Benj. Carey James Reeder Lord Butler
Jesse Fell was clerk of the board from 1810 to 1816
1817Lord Butler Jesse Reeder Isaac Hartzell
1818Lord Butler Isaac Hartzell E. Shoemaker
Arnold Colt was clerk of the board in 1817 and 1818
1819E. Shoemaker Isaac Hartzell Cyrus Avery
1820E. Shoemaker Cyrus Avery Joel Rogers
1821Cyrus Avery Joel Rogers Samuel Yost
1822Joel Rogers Samuel Yost Hezekiah Parsons
1823Samuel Yost Hezekaih Parsons Steuben Butler
1824Hezekiah Parsons Steuben Butler Elisha S. Potter
1825Steuben ButlerE. S. Potter Deodat Smith
1826E. S. Potter Deodat Smith Arnold Colt
1827Deodat Smith Arnold Colt John Bittenbender
1828Arnold Colt John Bittenbender Isaac Harding
1829John Bittenbender Isaac Harding Wm. Swetland
1830Isaac Harding Wm. Swetland Cornelius Cortright
Jesse Fell was clerk to the board from 1819 to 1830.
1831Wm. Swetland Cornelius Cortright Jacob Rambach
1832Cornelius Cortright Jacob Rambach Luman Ferry
1833Jacob Rambach Luman Ferry Joseph Tuttle
E. Carey was clerk of the board from 1831 to 1833.
1834Luman Ferry Joseph Tuttle Sebastian Sybert
1835Joseph Tuttle Sebastian Sybert Samuel Saylor
Thomas Myers was clerk of the board in 1834 and 1835.
1836Sebastian Sybert Samuel Saylor John Fassett
1837Samuel Saylor John Fassett Wm. Koons
1838John Fassett Wm. Koons Gordon Wall
1839Wm. Koons Gordon Wall Philip Yost
1840Gorton Wall Philip Yost Nathaniel Cottrill
Chester Tuttle was clerk of the board from 1838 to 1840
1841Philip Yost N. Cottrill Thos. Irwin
Chas. W. Potter was clerk of the board in 1841.
1842N. Cottrill Thos. Irwin J. Benscoter
1843J. Benscoter Jno. Rosencranse, Jr. Thos. Irwin
1844J. Benscoter J. Rosencranse, Jr. E. Chamberlin
Edward Dolf was clerk of the board from 1842 to 1844
1845J. Rosencranse, Jr. E. Chamberlin Charles Berry
1846E. Chamberlin Charles Berry Philip Meixell
1847Charles Berry Philip Meixell Ira Bronson
1848Philip Meixell Ira Bronson Robert Eaton
1849Ira Bronson Robert Eaton Jacob Besecker
1850Robert Eaton Rowland Richards Isiah Stiles
Jared R. Baldwin was clerk of the board from 1845 to 1850
1851L. H. Litte Isiah Stiles R. Hutchins
1852Isiah Stiles R. Hutchins Peter Winter
1853R. Hutchins Peter Winter Abraham Smith
Chester Tuttle was clerk of the board from 1851 to 1853
1854Peter Winter Abraham Smith Daniel Vail
1855Abraham Smith Daniel Vail Silas Dodson
1856Daniel Vail Silas Dodson W. A. Tubbs
1857Silas Dodson W. A. Tubbs Benj. F. Pfouts
1858W. A. Tubbs B. F. Pfouts Jno. C. Dunning
1859B. F. Pfouts J. C. Dunning John Blanchard
1860J. C. Dunning John Blanchard Daniel Rambach
1861John Blanchard Daniel Rambach Samuel Vaughn
1862Daniel Rambach Samuel Vaughn Nathan Kocher
1863Samuel Vaughn Nathan Kocher Stephen Davenport
Chas. T. Barnum was clerk of the board from 1855 to 1863
1864Nathan Kocher Stephen Davenport Uriah A. Gritman
1865Stephen Davenport Uriah A. Gritman William Wolf
1866Uriah A. Gritman William Wolf William Franck
1867William Wolf William Franck W. W. Smith
1868William Franck W. W. Smith Michael Raber
1869W. W. Smith Michael Raber B. F. Louder
Steuben Jenkins was clerk of the board from 1864 to 1869
1870Michael Raber B. F. Louder G. W. Bailey
Steuben Jenkins and Geo. M. Nagle were clerk of the board in 1870.
1871B. F. Louder G. W. Bailey Chas. F. Hill
1872G. W. Bailey Chas. F. Hill A. J. Williams
1873A. J. Williams Chas. F. Hill R. Gerebacher
George M. Nagle was clerk of the board from 1871 to 1873.
1874 and 1875A. J. WilliamsR. Gerebacher N. Silbert
P. F. Lynch was clerk of the board in 1874 and 1875
1876, 1877 and 1878N. N. Dean Samuel Line Peter Jennings
H. C. Jones was clerk of the board in 1876.
1878, 1879, 1880 and 1881J. C. Darte Stephen Turnbach James D. Harris
S. A. Whitebread was clerk of the board from 1877 to 1881.
1882, 1883 and 1884Thos. W. Haines Casper Oberdorfer Henry Vanscoy
S. A. Whitebread and H. W. Search were clerks of the board in 1882.
W. H. Search was clerk of the board in 1883 and 1884.
1885, 1886 and 1887Thos W. Haines Thos. English Cyrus Straw
Robert P. Robinson was the present clerk and had filled the position since 1886.

The above was found in an article in The Wilkes-Barre Record 13 Sep 1887

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